February offer for Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign sign ups

During February 2016 the Living Wage Foundation is offering 25% discount on full Living Wage accreditation for employers that have already registered with our local campaign, the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign.

Accreditation takes 10 working days and upon confirmation employers get:

• Use of the Living Wage Foundation’s Employer Mark (see below image)
• Placed on the interactive Living Wage Foundation’s Employer Map
• Featured with your own logo on the Living Wage Foundation’s Employer list
• Access to advice and support on putting the Living Wage in place for subcontracted staff
• Support with press and communications to celebrate the Living Wage commitment
• Media opportunities when speaking out about Living Wage matters
• Promotional opportunities to engaging consumers, for example the Foundation’s Valentine’s campaign

By paying to become accredited, employers also help to support the Living Wage movement across the country, encouraging more employers to make this fantastic commitment on responsible pay.

This offer is valid for four weeks from the date of this blog.

To find out more about Living Wage accreditation, please register your interest here quoting the code Brighton25% or contact Emma Kosmin, Living Wage Programme Manager, at emma.kosmin@livingwage.org.uk.

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