With 2020 coming to an end, there is plenty to reflect on and be proud of at the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign. We have achieved a lot this year and want to thank everyone for helping us campaign for a fairer Living Wage.

Last month was Living Wage Week, a national celebration of the Living Wage movement. In Brighton & Hove, we have made amazing progress with the local Living Wage campaign, with over 780 businesses signed up since it started in 2012. The new Living Wage rate for 2020/21 was announced as £9.50 an hour.

In the lead-up to Living Wage Week, we asked businesses that have signed up to the campaign to fill in a survey about their experiences. 54 businesses responded to our survey.

The findings were overwhelmingly positive with 74% of businesses that said the Living Wage had a positive impact on their staff and 85% saying that it was important for business.

Positive for staff and the business 

Paying the Living Wage is an opportunity for local businesses to help support fair pay, show they value their staff, and also inspire local businesses in other areas to follow in their footsteps. It can be a powerful statement of Brighton & Hove values. Living Wage employers tell us that this has benefits for the business as well, with lower recruitment costs and higher productivity, and was beneficial for their public relations.

Of the businesses surveyed:

  • 43% said that staff morale improved.
  • 20% said that staff productivity has improved.
  • 30% said that employee retention has improved.
  • 35% said it helped with recruitment.
  • 30% said it was positive PR.

Are you interested in the Living Wage?

If your business hasn’t yet signed up to the Living Wage campaign, we’d love to have you on board.

You can help by sharing our survey results on social media @BHLivingWage and @BrightonLivingWage.

And get in touch if you would like to write a blog about your experience as a Living Wage employer.

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Thanks to FDM Design for putting together the infographic.