Living Wage Employers 2021 Survey Results

A few months ago, the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign ran our annual survey of Living Wage employers to find out how the Living Wage affects businesses. This year 141 employers completed the survey, our highest participation rate ever. 33 sectors were represented, providing holistic representation of the range of businesses in Brighton & Hove.


With the help of Bonamy Waddell of Bon Insight, we gained valuable insights into the impact of the Living Wage on employers. The findings were overwhelmingly positive, with 89 percent of employers saying that the Living Wage is good for business. 4 in 5 employers also felt that the Living Wage has a positive effect on staff.


The effects of the Living Wage Campaign extend beyond Living Wage employers. 4 in 5 employers indicated that when choosing suppliers for their business, they consider whether they pay the Living Wage. Nearly half of respondents felt that signing up to the Living Wage Campaign was positive for both employee recruitment and PR.


Many employers already paid the Living Wage before joining the Campaign, but there are still plenty of benefits for businesses, especially in certain sectors. 75 percent of employers in the Bars & Restaurants sector reported that the Living Wage improved staff morale, and 89 percent said it improved staff retention.


Bonamy Waddell said of the survey, “The Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign is a great initiative – and I really enjoyed delivering the analysis and report for Living Wage employers survey, to learn more about the benefits from those who are signed up.”


The report is available to view below. If you are interested in joining the Living Wage Campaign, signing up is free and simple.




Thank you to FDM Design for creating the report infographic.