O N C A: Why We Pay the Brighton & Hove Living Wage

One of the reasons we love Brighton so much is the fact that we have so many fantastic businesses committed to their employees’ welfare. It’s all part of contributing to a fairer, happier city for all of us.

We’re delighted to welcome the O N C A team (including 8-week old Albie the Whippet!) as one of the newest sign-ups to the Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign, and spoke to them about who they are, what they do, and how they demonstrate their commitment to employee wellbeing.

O N C A Albie the Whippet

Firstly, tell us a bit more about O N C A
O N C A is a space for meeting, thinking, learning and celebrating art. Our mission is to support the wellbeing of people and places by increasing awareness of, and engagement with, environmental and social challenges. We are an art gallery in central Brighton with offices and a meeting room ‘upstairs at O N C A’.

What’s the best thing about being a business in Brighton & Hove?
Other like-minded businesses, Caroline Lucas as our local MP and O N C A Honorary Patron. Business networks such as the Green Growth Platform and the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce.

What’s the main reason you’ve committed to paying all your employees the Brighton & Hove Living Wage?
Our mission is to support wellbeing, this starts with the people we work with. Without our passionate team of staff, freelancers and volunteers we wouldn’t be here – for this reason we want to make sure they have a sustainable and quality life both in and outside of O N C A.

How do you to maintain great staff morale?
We have weekly team meetings, each one starts with a ‘check in’ where team members are invited to bring any feelings into the room – it’s a really supportive environment and helps us understand each other’s’ outside world and better support one another. We also have regular group lunches, pub nights and events at the gallery.

What’s the most important thing for employee well-being?
A manageable work load and supportive peers, at O N C A we have exceptionally busy times of the year, particularly during Brighton Festival, Brighton Digital Festival and Remembrance Day for Lost Species – it is essential that during these times we are flexible with our staff and volunteers and maintain good communication and support when workloads feel unmanageable.

O N C A Quote

What’s most damaging to staff morale and well-being?
Poor communication and a lack of team support.

What do you think that your employees would say is the best thing about working for your business?
O N C A’s values, both as an environmental charity and an employer who puts wellbeing first.

And finally, is there anything you want to plug?
We have a number of great events coming over the next few months for young people including our Summer Art School (31st July – 2nd August) and O N C A by the Sea (15th – 20th August) at Brighton Marina.

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