Tom’s Vans: Why we’re proud to be a Living Wage employer

We caught up with local removals and deliveries company Tom’s Vans all about what the Living Wage Campaign means to them.

Firstly, tell us a bit more about Tom’s Vans…
Thanks for your interest in Tom’s Vans! I set up my business in 2010 as I felt there was a gap in the market for a transportation service with a professional, yet personal focus. I quit the 9-5 and bought a van and it went from there really! I have really benefited from word-of-mouth marketing as my customers have always been over the moon with the service I offer, and we always exceed expectations. I firmly believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. We immediately started getting fantastic reviews too, and this has helped people make an informed decision when choosing a service. We offer local “Man/Woman with a Van” removals, house removals, office moves, and also deliveries for local businesses!

What’s the best thing about being a business in Brighton & Hove?
I like how diverse and interesting Tom’s Vans’ customers are. I also like the eclectic nature of the jobs we get involved in. Anything from a straightforward flat move, a special delivery to an interior designer in the South of France or a delivery to the V&A for a local artist – you can’t always predict what the next job is going to entail!

What’s the main reason you’ve committed to paying all your employees the Brighton & Hove Living Wage?
Before setting up Tom’s Vans Brighton, I used to work part-time and I know how hard it is to get by when wages are low. I have always offered considerably higher than minimum wage since day one. Having a fair wage motivates my staff and shows that you care for more than just profits. Having a motivated and happy team is the key to making sure the business runs smoothly.

How do you to maintain great staff morale?
We are a close team at Tom’s Vans and we are all good friends as well as work colleagues. I always work with people who have that spark, that ability to communicate and engage well with the customers – that’s very important. We are a memorable bunch as we are all bright, motivated and passionate! I maintain morale by always thanking the team for every job they do, always passing on feedback from the customers is also really important!

What’s the most important thing for employee well-being?
As a small business it’s easier to remain close to each member of the team, which makes it easier to listen to each individual. This is definitely good for moral and well-being.

What’s most damaging to staff morale and well-being?
Paying a fair wage is really important; underpaying and overworking people is not good for morale. This is why I have always paid a good wage and made sure my team are happy.

What do you think that your employees would say is the best thing about working for your business?
I feel that my team really love working with the customers who choose us.  I think they would say they also love the feeling of helping people – when a customer has a huge smile on their face after a job it’s a really great feeling. We all get a lot from that!

And finally, is there anything you want to plug?
Since 2010 Tom’s Vans have been helping residents and businesses in Brighton & Hove with their transports needs for flat moves, house moves, office moves and deliveries to trade shows and events across the country. The passion we have for what we do is unrivalled and I would really love to hear from you if you think we can help. Remember to take a look at my website and get in touch if you need a quote or any advice about how I can help! I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Tom.