UK’s Home Care Provider of the Year: Kingsway Care

Kingsway Care, which was founded during the pandemic, won best UK Home Care Provider in the Leaders in Care Award last week.

Kingsway Care’s founder, Olly Carter emphasized that “Working in Social Care is such a privilege. Yes, there are serious challenges facing the sector, but we are determined to break down the negative stereotypes in the media. We support our Kingsway Care Clients to the highest possible standards and have so many good news stories that we are proud to share.”

Winning this prestigious award is no easy task: Kingsway Care were able to provide detailed and tangible examples of the transformative care they provided for their clients. The esteemed judge panel, made up of leaders in the care sector, found Kingsway Care to be the very best at what they do.

Kingsway Care knows that providing the best care for their clients has everything to do with recruiting and empowering their caregivers, which they do by rallying against the negative stereotypes that care work is a low-paid, dead-end job. Kingsway Care provide their staff flexibility and ensure they pay well over the Brighton & Hove Living Wage. They encourage carers to pursue their hidden talents in work (which range from cake-making, photo-taking, and singing) and in doing this Kingsway Care are not only reshaping the narrative of care work but are paving the way for other care providers to rethink how they operate.

Kingsway Care have long been supporters of the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign, ensuring that the difference they make has a far-reaching communal impact. To find out more about their work, or to consider joining them in their mission, then please visit:

The Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign is led by Brighton Chamber. Brighton Chamber are hosting this year’s Big Debate at Brighton Girls, where Vicky Haines, Managing Director of Kingsway Care will a panellist. To join the Chamber and Kingsway there, you can join the waitlist here: