How BHT Training has responded to Covid 19 by helping organisations develop the skills of the future!

Good News Story from BHT Training


BHT training has undergone a major transformation due to the coronavirus pandemic and remote working. Keeping staff covid-secure whilst giving people the flexibility to access quality training has been one of the factors in supporting its own staff. It is now providing organisations with an ideal opportunity to support the new world of work through the launch of its new dynamic online programme for 2021. As our community emerges to new ways of working, learning and development have never been more important to support and build the resilience of staff to handle these challenges with a positive mindset.

Staying connected and going on training safely with colleagues can help staff develop skills and confidence to grow and adapt in a way that is positive. In fact, most of us might remember when we faced our greatest challenge, that was when we experienced our greatest growth and learning. Likewise, organisations and businesses can benefit from developing their staff and teams and fare better through coronavirus if we see these work changes as an opportunity for growth.

Our course programme has been updated to reflect the current climate and we have introduced new additions such as “Managing Teams Remotely” and “Facilitating Online Groups” to help navigate new ways of working.

BHT Training is delighted to confirm it has now launched its new online programme for 2021. We can also administer our programme in house for teams and services at great value. The quality of our trainers and the excellent feedback on our pilots have ensured the quality assurance of our courses.

To find out more about BHT Training’s new online training programme, trainers and costs or to discuss your training needs please visit Home – BHT Training (

Daniel O’Connell
Head of Human Resources & Learning & Development
Brighton Housing Trust


Thanks so much to BHT Training for sharing this great news with us!


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