Four things to do now you’ve joined the Living Wage Campaign

Have you just signed up to the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign?   Whether you’re new to the campaign (or just want a reminder on how to shout about being a Living Wage employer) we’ve put together our four things to get you started, now you’ve signed up.  1. Update your branding   A quick and easy one for starters!  … ...Read More

Q&A with BrandB Rad!o

We caught up with Dave Allen, Founder and Executive Producer of BrandB Rad!o to chat about the Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign and find out a bit more about their mission to spread environmental good news. 1. Can you tell us about BrandB Rad!o and its journey?  BrandB Rad!o has been a driving force for me for three years.… ...Read More

How to find Living Wage suppliers and collaborators

A photo of a woman raising her hand in a seated audience

Do you check if your suppliers pay their teams and contractors the real Living Wage? For 2/3rds of Brighton & Hove Living Wage employers, it’s something they consider before going ahead with new suppliers for their business. But if this is something you’re already doing, or would like to start doing as part of working with new suppliers and collaborators,… ...Read More

Q&A with Joyfully Different

Alice and Mark smiling at camera

Joyfully Different signed up to the Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign recently. We asked them a few questions to get to know them a little better, and find out why paying the real Living Wage is important to them. Could you give a brief description of Joyfully Different journey – and its mission? Joyfully Different is a non-profit business… ...Read More

What does it mean to be Diversity and Inclusion Champions - with Kate Tyrer of Shoreham Port

At the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign, we sat down with Diversity and Inclusion Champions: Shoreham Port. Kate Tyrer, Head of Communications talks us through Shoreham Port’s success, and gives advice to other businesses exploring the ways they can become a more diverse and inclusive workplace. Tell us about Shoreham Port and your role? We are a Trust Port… ...Read More

Why did Bright Shore join the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign?

Rupert and Geni are a husband-and-wife duo. They thought up their business following a legacy of happy clients in and around Sussex. Rupert (pictured above) has worked locally as a sole trader electrician, and Geni has worked in senior management in the charity sector.  When they came together to create Bright Shore, their primary values were to create a business… ...Read More

Q&A with Alice Nevermore from Loading Bar

It’s a sunny April afternoon, and Charlotte Kidd from the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign sits in Loading Bar’s outdoor area with Co-owner, Alice Nevermore. (Loading Bar, if you didn’t already know, is a gaming bar that offers a range of video and board games to its customers for free, with locations in London and on Brighton’s seafront). Times… ...Read More

11 years of the Living Wage in Brighton

Sarah Springford: the story behind the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign There’ll soon be 900 employers signed up to the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign which is a credit to our city. The local campaign has been led by Brighton Chamber for the past 12 years, supported by Brighton & Hove City Council and Unison Brighton. As far… ...Read More

The story of the ethical Wave Community Bank

Ann Hickey, Chief Executive of Wave Community Bank, speaks with the Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign about Wave Community Bank’s mission; their growing communal impact; and about her journey into the sector. Could you give a brief description of Wave Community Bank’s journey – and its mission? Wave Community Bank is a co-operative that was set up in 2000 to help… ...Read More

Q&A with Amy Holtz of Pebblebeach

Pebblebeach, founded 15 years ago, has helped raise millions for charity. The fundraising agency was established in a room in Founder Ash Gilbert’s house, with the team initially growing to three members, including Pebblebeach’s Client Services Director: Amy Holtz. Since then, the Pebblebeach team has grown to ten (plus four dogs and three cats). Charlotte Kidd from the Brighton &… ...Read More

Good News Stories Monthly Roundup

In March we heard from Living Wage employers about what they had to shout about, and we couldn’t resist sharing some of the partnerships they’ve been forming. We heard from Lloyd’s office last month to celebrate their partnership with the University of Sussex. Lloyd’s recruits its interns through Sussex’s Career Lab Summer Internship programme. The University funds living wage internships… ...Read More

Why The Outdoors Project joined the Living Wage Campaign

Ten years ago, a group of parents of who wanted to break away from the conventionality of kids’ play (which was dominated by traditional sports like football and specific clubs), took to Hove Park with Nerf guns and their children and proceeded to play for an hour. This transformed into regular weekly sessions; word got around; and other parents wanted… ...Read More

South East Dance: Welcomes the public to The Dance Space

South East Dance opened the doors of The Dance Space last summer after advocating for a dedicated dance space for over 12 years. South East Dance was established in 1997 to support dance artists based in the South East region to develop their careers. In 2000 they became a member of the UK Dance Network and an Arts Council England… ...Read More

Living Wage employers’ good news stories monthly round up

This month we’ve heard from our Living Wage employers on their good news, and at the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign we love shouting about their award wins and milestones. UnBarred Brewery celebrated their 3rd birthday with a beer trail which took them from the Good Companions, through some of the pubs of Brighton – ending in their taproom… ...Read More

Q & A with Sean Carroll from Vixen Digital

Vixen Digital was born from Maggie Carroll’s entrepreneurial spirit, co-founded with her husband Sean Carroll to grow people’s businesses. Now tucked away in the Old Steine, Vixen Digital is a team of 13 (if you include Zara the dog) and continues to develop and grow from the pandemic. The Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign stops by to chat with… ...Read More

Celebrating Living Wage employers’ good news

Here at the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign we love shouting about our fantastic employers and the amazing things they are up to. This month we heard from our Living Wage employers about some of the awards they’ve been winning. UnBarred Brewery’s benchmark IPA Joosy took the Gold Award at the London Craft Beer Awards Joosy started out life… ...Read More