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Impetus: Why We Pay The Brighton & Hove Living Wage

We’re delighted to announce that there are now over 330 businesses signed up to the Brighton & Hove Living Wage campaign, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring that every resident of our city is paid a living wage that allows them to thrive, not just survive. This week we spoke to Jo Ivens, CEO of Brighton & Hove Impetus, a local… ...Read More

Brighton charities lead the way for the living wage

So far 42 third sector organisations have signed up to the local Living Wage Campaign which is led by Brighton Chamber. Currently set at £8.45 per hour for the UK, the wage is calculated as the minimum needed for a basic standard of living. One of the most recent charities to join the campaign is The Goodall Foundation. Eugenie Teasley… ...Read More

The Bevy: Why we pay the Brighton & Hove Living Wage

325 Brighton & Hove businesses have now signed up to the campaign, showing their commitment to paying a Living Wage of at least £8.45 per hour to all their employees. One of those businesses is The Bevy pub. We spoke to Iain Chambers, General Manager of The Bevy, about why it’s brilliant to be part of our local business community,… ...Read More

Propellernet: Why we pay the Brighton & Hove Living Wage

We’re thrilled that 325 businesses in Brighton & Hove have now joined our campaign, pledging to pay a Living Wage of at least £8.45 per hour to all their staff. But what difference does it make to employers and employees? We spoke to Propellernet about being a business in the city, why they’re committed to paying the Brighton & Hove… ...Read More

Living Wage loyalty

Gary Conroy, Founding Director of 5 Squirrels Ltd, shares his reasons for paying more than the Living Wage to staff and how this benefits his business.  I had often visited Brighton for weekend breaks and really enjoyed the sense of community and feeling of a progressive society the city had to offer as well as of course the beach! So, when… ...Read More

70% of businesses benefit from paying the Living Wage

Last week was Living Wage Week, a national celebration of the Living Wage movement. In Brighton, we’ve made fantastic progress with our local Living Wage campaign, with over 300 businesses signed up since we started in 2012. The new Living Wage rate for 2016/17 has just been announced as £8.45 an hour. In the lead-up to Living Wage Week, we… ...Read More

Movers of the Universe

We spoke to Julian Ankersmit, the owner of He-Van, Movers of the Universe, to find out why he thinks it’s important to pay a Living Wage.  1) Tell us about your business, how did it start and what do you do? I started He-Van, Movers of the Universe in 2010 after working for another Brighton removal firm whose standards were… ...Read More

Celebrate Living Wage Week with us

This week is Living Wage Week! Running from 30th October to 5th November, Living Wage Week is an opportunity to celebrate the success of our local Living Wage campaign and raise its profile. We were delighted to announce last week that over 300 businesses have joined the campaign. There are now 303 employers and nearly 3,000 salaries have been elevated as a… ...Read More

New UK and London Living Wage rates

As part of the Living Wage Week 2016 activities, the new UK and London Living Wage rates for 2016/2017 have been announced this morning. The UK rate has increased by 20 pence an hour to £8.45 per hour, from the current rate of £8.25. Current Living Wage employers have until 1 April 2017 to implement this new rate.  The London… ...Read More

Not quite your typical florist...

With less than a week to go until Living Wage Week, we’re delighted to announce that there are now 300 businesses in Brighton & Hove that have signed up to the local Living Wage campaign, pledging to pay staff at least the current rate of £8.25 per hour.  Flowers Unlimited were the 300th business to sign up. We spoke to… ...Read More

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